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Real estate markets in European cities could follow Asia

by merkel on January 18, 2018
Real estate markets in European cities could follow Asia

Is the future of the real estate markets that of the great european cities the same as follows asia? Cities like stockholm, copenhagen, london or amsterdam will grow in 15 years at similar levels of emerging economies like india or hong kong.

The population of Oslo, the Norwegian capital, has grown by 32% compared to 2010, according to United Nations data. While in Madrid, the INE can increase up to 9% until 2030, above the demographic evolution of China.

All this, makes foresee that the European real estate market will take a rising path for years with a clear pattern. A strong demand in all types of buildings (residential, offices or logistics) with shortcomings on the supply side.

These characteristics predict a future of bullish prices in the main European capitals until at least 2030. Although cities such as Amsterdam, London or Paris already suffer accessibility problems for housing and prices in constant rises.

Cities like Berlin know very well what is meant by an increase in population pressure in its real estate market and the repercussions it has on price increases.

The lack of supply, especially when it refers to residential housing. It could also mean a rental market through the clouds and prices of the square meter in constant rise. All this with a competition between the buyer seeking residence and the one who seeks a profitable investment.


Source: Idealista