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The power of color in interior decoration

by Redacción Merkel Capital on April 18, 2019
The power of color in interior decoration

Colors affect the mind of the human being. They influence you emotionally and can affect your mood. Therefore, at Merkel Capital we want to review the power of color in interior decoration.

It is clear that the color black does not transmit the same as the color white for all people in the same way. However, there are patterns that influence the perception of different tones.

Next, we will see that color is a key factor for any decorative project. And the key is to choose those in which the predominant color (60%) is the color that produces more positive emotions. Here are some examples:

  • BLACK COLOR: one color to govern them all

The color black represents the union and fusion of all colors. It is a color that in itself, conveys a sense of elegance and formality very different from other colors. However, it is advisable not to abuse it, given that it is a color with great force and can be unwelcoming.

Although, if you combine it with a wooden floor, it will accentuate the warmth and elegance.

color negro para decoración interiores

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  • WHITE COLOR: guaranteed success with multiple combinations.

The white color is the one that will bring more light, more space and give a feeling of greater relaxation. It is perfect for small spaces in which we seek to give more breadth. In bathrooms it is the ideal color as we look for sensations such as hygiene and relaxation.

Its combination with other spot colors such as red can give it more distinction and contrast.

blanco en decoración de interiores

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  • BLUE COLOR: stability and relaxation.

The blue color is characterized by a cold color and is associated with freshness and a color that is part of nature: the sky, water … It is also considered a color associated with dreams and rest. So, combining it, we can help make a room look more spacious and relaxing.

Blue is a color that for interior decoration is associated with cleanliness and purity. And the favorite places of the home to use it can be the bathroom and the kitchen.

Azul para decoración de interiores

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  • COLOR BROWN: Warm and safe.

Brown is also a color that is associated with nature but that transmits a more robust sensation than blue. For interior decoration, it creates spaces with a cozy climate and security.

Toasted or beige tones combined with wood will give a more robust feeling and with more possibility of combining.

marrón para decoración interiores

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