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Keeps heat in the home

by Redacción Merkel Capital on October 11, 2018
Keeps heat in the home

Fall begins and households lower their temperatures, are you ready for the cold?

With the beginning of autumn the first blankets begin to come out of the closet and the boots of water deplete in the shoe stores. But what about our house? Are we ready for the cold that is to come?

We help you with tips that will make the house warm and cozy in these cold months:

  • The Sun, your great ally: raise the blinds and pull the curtains aside because you have to take 100% heat from the sun. Even if you have to have the heating on, let the sun enter through the windows and you will see how the temperature naturally increases very obviously.

  • Check your home for possible heat leaks and try to seal them as much as possible. Those small nooks and crannies through which the cold sneaks are easy to identify just by putting your hand close and noticing the cold air. A little electrical tape or putty are perfect measures to keep the heat in the home.
  • Curtains, thicker better: The window is one of the causes of more heat leakage from homes. Therefore, the thicker the curtains or install curtains with thermal lining, we will prevent heat from escaping from the heating.

  • Furniture above the radiators: covering the radiator with a piece of furniture will make you lose the heat it gives off. Try to place them directly above the radiator, especially if it is a house with high ceilings. In this way you will get the heat to stay down and not rise and get lost.

  • Carpets in the coldest areas will give you warmth, not only at a temperature level, but at visual level you will have an immediate visual warmth. Coconut, seaweed, jute or sisal carpets are very good options for allergy sufferers.