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Reasons to buy a new building in Sabadell

by Redacción Merkel Capital on March 12, 2019
Reasons to buy a new building in Sabadell

Sabadell is a municipality on the outskirts of Barcelona with several advantages that have nothing to envy the city of Barcelona. But why should I go live in Sabadell? At Merkel Capital we explain your advantages:

There are many people looking for homes in the outskirts of Barcelona where they can live without getting away from the center of Barcelona. Sabadell, is an area perfectly connected to Barcelona. With an enviable housing offer and a perfect peaceful environment as a destination to live.

comprar obra nueva en sabadell

What are the advantages of buying a new building in Sabadell?

  • Good communication. Sabadell is a municipality located just 30 minutes from Barcelona, ​​with only 30 kilometers between them. It has a wide transport network: bus, train and commuter trains.
  • Parking wherever you go. In Sabadell the issue of where to leave the car is not a problem. Not only is there plenty of parking, but also, most of the housing developments and houses have private garages.
  • Enjoy a calm and relaxed atmosphere. The feeling transmitted by Sabadell is completely different from that of the city of Barcelona. Its neighborhoods are quiet and it is an ideal place to raise your children or raise a family.
  • Outdoor sport. Another great advantage of buying a new building in Sabadell is the fact that you can enjoy outdoor sports. For example, the Parque Central del Vallés is a wide and green space where you can enjoy the nature and peace that these places bring.
  • Less expenses: Sabadell is an ideal city to go and live, among other reasons, due to its lower expense in the price of housing, as well as its community expenses or IBI. So much so, that even stores offer products at a better price, by having a lower rent.
  • Smooth and quiet traffic: Despite being a city, Sabadell is a perfect municipality to buy a new construction thanks to its decongested traffic environment, which implies less pollution.

In short, Sabadell is a familiar, quiet city, perfectly connected to Barcelona. What else can be ordered? If you are hesitating to buy a new building in Sabadell, contact us to be able to advise you and show you the advantages it has.