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Paris, 91

Desde 395.000€
Calle París, 91, ,
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Calle París, 91, , , , 08031


Property Size: 74 m2
Tipology: 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms with garden and solarium
Households: 22
Sustainable Housing
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Property Description

Are you interested in buying a new construction flat in Barcelona?

Promotion of 22 homes in Paris Street, 91, Ensanche district, Barcelona.

20 apartments and 2 duplex houses on the ground floor with private garden and five floors with four apartments each, with terrace and communal pool on the roof.

It has 24 parkings and a commercial space.

Apartment11EXT2174 m²415.000 €On HoldContact
Apartment12EXT2174 m²415.000 €On HoldContact
Apartment13INT2170 m²395.000 €On HoldContact
Apartment14INT2170 m²395.000 €On HoldContact
Apartment21EXT2164 m²425.000 €On HoldContact
Apartment22EXT2164 m²425.000 €On HoldContact
Apartment23INT2168 m²410.000 €On HoldContact
Apartment24INT2168 m²410.000 €On HoldContact
Apartment31EXT2162 m²455.000 €On HoldContact
Apartment32EXT2162 m²455.000 €On HoldContact
Apartment33INT2168 m²420.000 €On HoldContact
Apartment34INT2168 m²420.000 €On HoldContact
Apartment41EXT2162 m²465.000 €On HoldContact
Apartment42EXT2162 m²465.000 €On HoldContact
Apartment43INT2168 m²430.000 €On HoldContact
Apartment44INT2168 m²430.000 €On HoldContact
Apartment51EXT2162 m²485.000 €On HoldContact
Apartment52EXT2162 m²485.000 €On HoldContact
Apartment53INT2168 m²450.000 €On HoldContact
Apartment54INT2168 m²450.000 €On HoldContact
DuplexB1INT33164 m²835.000 €On HoldContact
DuplexB2INT33164 m²830.000 €On HoldContact
Parking20 m²32.000 €On HoldContact
PremiseEXT44 m²160.000 €On HoldContact

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